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'Art by the Sea gallery' - NZ art gallery provides a complete delivery service worldwide.

Now in our 18th year of business. Newly Renovated! New Artists! Huge Selection!
Over 1500sq feet of NZ fine art!

Art by the Sea art gallery is a bright, spacious NZ art gallery overlooking the Waitemata harbour in Devonport Auckland New Zealand.
The gallery exhibits original authentic NZ fine art created by over 80 New Zealand artists. The gallery stocks a large and varied selection of fine and contemporary art and crafts including sculpture, ceramic, art glass, woodwork, etchings and prints, oil and acrylic painting, jewellery / jewelry, NZ steel and metal art, contemporary Maori weaving and carving. Primarily our NZ artwork celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of this multi-cultural country and the people that live in it. We showcase emerging NZ arts and crafts artists alongside established NZ landscap, figurative and contemporary artists to provide an ever-changing creative perspective of a country whose people are passionate about where they live.
We provide a complete packaging and delivery service worldwide and all our artwork is guaranteed 100% New Zealand made.

NZ Art Gallery Kia Ora and welcome to our gallery!
To all our clients past and present who have visited our website and gallery thank you very much for your continued support throughout 2009. It has been a real pleasure bringing a taste of New Zealand fine and contemporary art for you to feast your eyes upon. Please click here to visit Art by the Sea official website.

'If art were viewed as only a commodity the intellectuals could argue that it's use is limited. You can't eat it or wear it to keep you warm or sheltered. Its main purpose is not to house you or provide the basic necessities of life. It's return on "investment" value is arguable. Therefore it's intrinsic value is somewhat diminished if one looks at the raw sense of the term value.
However, as this age of enlightenment the world is experiencing now progresses, more and more we find that people are redefining in their minds what the "basic necessities" are for them. Some are even prepared to eat Baked Beans until they have paid off a piece that means so much to them at that given time. More and more we see emotions that are suppressed in other more mundane purchases come out when customers view a particular work that grabs them for what ever reason. It is this one defining difference that makes this "industry" we are in all the more satisfying. So I completely concur with your conclusions.' (Directors response to "Does Art Really Matter?" Article by Lawrence Matthews the Executive Director of Deloney Newkirk Galleries